January 15th 2024

Get Your Great Bossing

Year in Gear

No more failed good intentions - kickstart your year with focus and fulfilment

Ready for 2024?

As we prepare to step into a New Year, it's a great time to reflect, reset, and reignite our leadership.

Join Mark Topley and Chris Barrow for a transformative experience with our free 90-minute interactive webinar, "Get Your Great Bossing Year in Gear."

Get Your Great Bossing Year in Gear

In this engaging session, you'll discover practical strategies to overcome procrastination, set achievable goals, and establish effective leadership habits. You’ll learn how to balance your professional and personal life, fostering a sense of accomplishment without the guilt.


Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination:

  • Defining what procrastination really is

  • Exploring the root causes of procrastination.

  • Strategies to transform procrastination into productive planning.

Realistic Goals

Goal Setting with a Focus on Achievability:

  • Setting the right goals - the psychology

  • Incorporating flexibility and realism in goal setting.

Positive Leadership

Building a Positive Leadership Rhythm:

  • Techniques for creating a sustainable leadership rhythm.

  • Balancing professional responsibilities with personal wellbeing.

  • Strategies to reduce self-criticism and foster a positive self-view.

Interactive Session

Practical Exercises and Interaction:

  • Exercises to apply the concepts learned.

  • Facilitating interaction for a shared learning experience.


of people feel confident to achieve their goals


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Who's Speaking

Chris & Mark have a wide range of experience in this area.

Chris Barrow

Chris, with 49 years in full-time employment and 32 years operating his own businesses, is a seasoned professional in the UK dental sector. He's spent 23 years as a trainer, consultant, coach, and mentor. A graduate of Coach University, Chris is known for his direct, assertive approach and quick, innovative problem-solving skills. He co-authored "Profitable Dental Practice" and "The E-Myth Dentist," and appeared on "The Island with Bear Grylls" in 2014. He currently leads The Extreme Business programmes, focusing on strategic coaching for dental practice owners.

Mark Topley

With 15 years as a senior leader and CEO of an international development charity in East Africa, Mark brings first-hand experience in managing high-pressure roles. His journey includes leading a social enterprise and a private dental practice, equipping him with deep insights into dental leadership. Despite lacking formal leadership training, he flourished through mentorship, self-study, and consistent practice, learning to embrace his role as a leader. Over two decades, he has honed his leadership skills, transforming daily experiences into a wealth of knowledge. Today, he channels these insights into accessible programs like the Great Boss Academy designed to empower and support emerging leaders.

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Get Your Great Bossing Year in Gear

Monday 15th January 2024 - 1900-2030

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