A little bit about Me

My own journey as a Boss

I get how hard it is to be a Boss today. Some days it feels like you're spinning plates on a rollercoaster, desperately trying to make sure nothing drops.

I spent 15 years living and working in East Africa as a senior leader in an international development charity, eventually becoming the CEO. We ran multiple programmes including a social enterprise, full service private dental practice, so I'm familiar with your pressures.

Without formal leadership training, I survived!

Thanks to my mentors, coaches, a lot of study, reading and practice, I learned how to lead, and critically, I have learned how to see myself as a leader.

I’ve successfully led teams for 20+ years and developed my leadership knowledge and skills in the field, one day, week, month at a time. And I’ve distilled the things I’ve learned into accessible programmes to help people like you.

Imagine what life will be like when you're becoming a Great Boss every day?

“I now want to be the person that people want to come and work for. I want my team to be the best they can be.”

Steph Durham - Durham Dental, Member

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