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Green Dentistry: Transforming Practices into Eco-Friendly Spaces

May 01, 20243 min read

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it's a responsibility that extends across industries, including the world of dentistry. As a dentist or practice manager, you have the power to propel your practice towards a more eco-conscious future. But with several paths to achieve this green transition, it's crucial to assess which is best suited for your practice’s unique needs. In this post, we compare three primary approaches: free toolkits, DIY efforts, and consultancy services.

1. Free or Low Cost Toolkit


  • Cost-effective: A suitable option for practices with limited budgets.

  • Immediate Access: Many resources are available online for instant download.


  • Generic Information: These toolkits often offer broad advice that may not cater to your practice's specific circumstances.

  • Lack of Support: Without professional guidance or external accountability, implementation can be challenging.

2. DIY (Do It Yourself)


  • Customisation: Tailor sustainability measures to fit precisely with your practice's operations.

  • Engagement: Involves the team, which can boost morale and eco-consciousness within the practice.


  • Time-Consuming: Requires significant research and trial-and-error.

  • Oversight Potential: Without expertise, it's easy to miss important sustainability opportunities or compliance requirements.

3. Consultancy


  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wealth of experience that consultants provide.

  • Efficiency: Consultants can often identify the fastest and most effective path to sustainability.


  • Cost: Service fees can be prohibitive for smaller practices.

  • Dependence: Risks creating reliance on external advisors for sustainability strategy and practices.

Why Go Practice Green?

While each of the options above has merits, none combines cost-effectiveness, convenience, and quality like Go Practice Green. This digital solution synthesises the advantages of all three models, offering a seamless path to sustainability that's tailored to the dental industry:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Your clinic operates on a busy schedule, and Go Practice Green molds to fit it. With online accessibility, your practice can progress without disruption. With just a few minutes a week, you can take steady and consistent steps to success.

  • Expertly Crafted Content: Created by Mark Topley, the first Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Professionals in the sector, our content assures you of the reliability and relevance of the information, as well as alignment with national and global standards.

  • Continuous Support: Go Practice Green stands by you, offering guidance and support at each step of implementation. With our twice monthly group support clinics, you have all the help you'll need.

  • Accountability: Our programme includes built-in accountability features, ensuring your practice remains on track to meet its eco-goals.

  • Delegable: Assign the role of sustainability champion to a dedicated team member – they'll have our full support to lead the change.

  • Affordability: At just £35 a month, Go Practice Green is an investment that pays dividends in cost savings and reputational enhancement.

With Go Practice Green, embarking on a sustainable journey is neither daunting nor expensive. It’s a thoughtful synthesis of convenience, quality, and support, all at an affordable monthly investment. Foster a greener future for your practice, starting today. Let's care for our patients and our planet with equal devotion. Join the eco-dentistry movement with Go Practice Green!

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